Engineering, Consultancy and Project Consultancy for Environment Technologies


  • To give project services to public institutions and organizations,
  • To give project design and project services (architectural, static and electrical projects) for wastewater treatment facilities.
  • To make surveys in the treatment facilities and to produce and supply all necessary electro-mechanical equipment,
  • To prepare Project Approval File in accordance with the provisions of Wastewater Treatment Facility Project Approval Memorandum published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism and to get it approved,
  • To prepare Environment Permit File in accordance with all other regulations related to the Water Pollution Control Regulation, Air Pollution Control Regulation and Environment Permit and to obtain the Environment Permit.


Waste and Hazardous Waste Management


Bahar Engineering prepares waste and hazardous waste management plans in which the improvidence in using resources that provides to create the cost balances in a good way in the industry is prevented and the requirements requested by the audit units are fulfilled. The subjects such as reuse of the wastes, reduction in the source, temporary storage places and conditions etc. are planned in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.


Wastewater Treatment Facility Revision/Consultancy


The treatment facilities which are not operated by the specialists, they cannot give services for their actual purpose, even though they are designed and built perfectly.


Bahar Engineering offers engineering and facility management consultancy support for the treatment facilities which requires revision due to capacity increase and/or cannot operate with its specialist engineer staff.


The facility operation consultancy includes operation of the facilities with full performance by checking the facilities regularly, solving of operational problems due to wrong design, preparing of projects when revisions are necessary and turnkey revision of facility in accordance with the requests taken.