Potable Water Treatment

Water resources in the world have significantly decreased as a result of rapid population growth and industrial activities. The protection of the existing water resources, the treatment of the unqualified water taken from the resource for use and drinking purposes have gained importance in the recent years. The importance of preparing in appropriate quality for various uses has increased.

The residues such as suspended solids, particles, dust, sludge in the water cause blurriness and a convenient environment for microorganism growth. When selecting the treatment method, first of all, the quality of the water needs to be determined. These are color, blurriness, smell, temperature, pH level as well as noxas in the water.

Bahar Engineering designs, produces and sells domestic/industrial potable water treatment systems in direction of the customers’ requirement capacity. The filtration and softening systems are installed in the industries and in the cities according to the potable water requirement capacity and the water characteristics determined. It also sells and assembles motor or motorless reverse osmosis systems according to the hardness, clearness and flow rate of the water in order to meet domestic potable water requirements.

              Process Water Treatment

The water to be used for industrial purposes must provide certain special conditions and its chemical and physical structure must comply with the qualifications to meet the requirement of the industry. The water required by any industrial facility can have the necessary requirements with the treatment and conditioning procedures.

Bahar Engineering offers turnkey treatment solutions to supply of raw water from resource till to provide for all raw water systems which to use on manufacturing process, also designs and manufactures water recovery systems to ensure sustainable energy management.

The residues and undesired organic and inorganic materials in the water to be used in the processes may cause blockage in the pipes, tanks, cooling towers, machinery or installation and damages the companies who are lifeblood of the industries. Moreover, the treated water is important in terms of product quality in the processes that the water is used as an additive.

Bahar Engineering designs, produces and sells process water treatment systems in direction of the customers’ intended use and requirement capacity. Bahar Engineering has the water analyzed free of charge for the companies. As a result of the analysis, the characteristics of the water and the project and design of the system according to the customer’s requirement. Our technical staff produce equipment according to the design created. Then the installation of the system is realized. In the process water treatment, the sand filter, active carbon, softening systems are used according to the requirement and the characteristics of the water.


Industrial process water usage areas:

Textile industry

Production of chemicals

Production of milk and dairy products,

Metal coating,

Production of frozen foods and canned foods,

Production of beer and distilled beverages,

Production of meat and poultry,

Production of sugar,

Production of seafoods,

Production of flour and pasta,

Production of non-alcoholic beverages,

Production of fabrics and products made from fabrics,

Production of leather products,

Production of detergents,

Production of coloring matters,

Production of adhesive, binding etc. chemical materials,

Production of paper-mache and paper,

Production of glass and glass materials,

Power plants.