As a result of rapid industrialization and rapid population growth in recent years, water resources in our world are rapidly becoming polluted and depleted. The scarcity of water faced by many societies in the 21st century has become one of the main problems. This problem will be more important for humanity in the coming years.

The precautions taken for the protection of water resources are the primary regulations for environmental protection. Prevention of unconscious consumption of water resources, reduction of waste water formation and treatment of wastewater formed, irrigation of purified wastewater in enterprises, cleaning, etc. Reuse for jobs are some of these measures. It is becoming increasingly important that all or most of the wastewater generated is treated with advanced treatment applications and reused as a water source within the same enterprise. By reusing wastewater, existing water resources are protected and a new resource is created to meet the water need.

Bahar Engineering offers its customers combining the latest technologies with domestic and industrial systems for the protection of water resources. It designs high efficiency wastewater recovery facilities with advanced treatment systems that minimize waste generation.

Advanced treatment systems created with the development of conventional wastewater treatment methods are designed in two stages according to the demands and needs of the customers. The first stage is Ultrafiltration (UF or MBR) and / or Reverse Osmosis systems. In these systems, while most of the wastewater formed by the enterprises is recycled, reject wastewater with high pollutant content but low amount of water is formed as waste. Waste water recovered by purification with these systems can be used repeatedly in the enterprise.

Second stage systems are designed based on the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) target.

Used in addition to the first stage systems, this system consists of Multistage Evaporation Plant (MEE), Thin Film Layer Dryers (ATFD) and Crystallization units. These systems evaporate reject waste water from the first stage treatment process. The pollutants in the evaporated reject wastewater are crystallized and removed from the system in solid form. The evaporated water is sent back to the business as it is reusable. Thus, all waste water generated from the enterprise is treated and recovered.

Bahar Mühendislik carries out the design, manufacturing, sales, installation and post-assembly services of the advanced treatment systems in the most efficient manner, according to the characteristics of domestic and / or industrial wastewater in every capacity that its customers will need.