Designing power and control panels for all units that creates treatment plants, editing of automation scenarios, programming the PLC-Scada system sofrwares,  installation of cable anchorages and cable trays, educations to start up treatment plant and such this works are carried out as turnkey by our expert technical team.


Electrical projects are prepared in line with the customer request and system infrastructure. MCC panel manufacturing, writing  softwares for PLC and field installation of all system are made in accordance with the prepared electrical projects.


Treatment plants will be operated automatically by electricity scenarios designed and requirement for workmanship will be minimized. The operation of the system is monitored via PLC-SCADA systems, controlled remotely and reported. During the operation phase, all warnings required for maintenance and repair are reported to the operator via the automation system. In this way, maintenance plans are followed automatically. The system is operated at high efficiency and its service life is extended.