Bahar Engineering adopts as a principle to offer the wiseliest and economical solutions by combining knowledge and technology for its customers and to see its customers as its solution partners with its specialist staff following the technology.

Bahar Engineering determines the most suitable treatment methods according to the characteristics of the domestic and/or industrial wastewater and gives turnkey complete installation services for recovering or destroying of the wastewater. Bahar Engineering realizes the design, project, construction, equipment production, supply, assembling, commissioning and regular checks of the turnkey facility building. It also gives all kinds of engineering services for the treatment facilities which have not the necessary performance and/or require revision due to capacity increase. Bahar Engineering conducts the revision of the treatment facility as turnkey in case of any request.

Structural Features of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The designs of the domestic and/or industrial wastewater treatment facilities are made from reinforced concrete, steel construction or polypropylene material according to the request of the customer. The method of galvanized or epoxy coating method is used to protect the treatment systems made from steel construction from corrosion.

Project Process

Bahar Engineering considers the first investment cost as well as business economics in order to make the wastewater treatment facility long-term and reliable. In a project considering the business economics, the cost of the machinery and equipment used in the facility, energy requirement for an efficient treatment and energy unit price in the future, whether the facility can be operated in conformity with the existing units and whether any capacity increase in the future can be easily realized or not are determined. The factors that we consider project phases of the wastewater treatment facilities: it should be reliable, require minimum maintenance, long-life, the equipment of which malfunction potential is low, it should be easily applied and operated, the consumables should be low, it should not cause noise and odor problems, it should be operated with a little elements, it should be easily observed and comply with the capacity increases.

Domestic wastewater occurs due to kitchen, toilet, bath requirements of the people in summer sites, settlement places, hotels, industries etc. Industrial wastewater occurs as a result of various production processes in the factories and organized industrial zones etc.

First of all, the characteristic of the wastewater is determined in order to treat domestic and/or industrial wastewater. When determining the characteristic of the wastewater to be treated, our experience in the sector, the samples we take from the domestic/industrial wastewater and the analysis results of the samples taken from the wastewater are used. Determining of the pollutants in the wastewater: the pollution character of the wastewater is determined with the studies done because it plays a vital role in the wastewater treatment facility designs and the treatment type and operational features are designed. The pilot facility studies are done for treatment of the wastewater according to its waste character in our R&D laboratory.

The capacity of the system, the period of usage, the land reserved for treatment etc. determine whether the system will be reinforced concrete or package facility (stainless steel package, epoxy or galvanized coated carbon steel package, polyethylene or polypropylene package).                                                                              

Construction, Equipment Production, Supplying, Assembling, Commissioning, Guarantee Process

After designing of the facility, a project approval file is prepared by our specialist engineering staff and it is sent to Republic of Turkey Ministry ofEnvironment and Urbanism or provincial organization and the project approval file is received. After the projects are approved, the construction phase starts. The construction works can also be performed by Bahar Engineering upon request of the companies. When the construction works continue, the equipment determined is purchased by the project department. The production detail projects are prepared and produced by the production department. After the wastewater treatment facility is done, the assembling of the equipment is carried out by the technical staff. Bahar Engineering conducts the commissioning after assembling. All of the works are performed under supervision of the project responsible. Necessary checks are done during commissioning. The treatment facility is periodically visited during the guarantee period and the operational performance of the facility is kept under control.

The parameters for discharge to the receiving body of the treatment facilities designed according to the pollution and quantity of the domestic and industrial wastewater varies according to the sizes, equipment and operation. Bahar Engineering always meet the discharge standards at the output water of the wastewater treatment facilities that it built by using its long-years of experience.